Tadabase Achieves SOC 2 Compliance!

When we founded Tadabase five years ago, Hitesh and I knew from the very beginning that security would be our north star. Over 1,250 businesses trust Tadabase with their most important information- their data- which is why we’ve prioritized security from day one, implementing the most advanced encryption and app security practices, using the most advanced firewalls available, and working closely with ethical hackers and third-party penetration testers to ensure maximum security of our customers’ data at all times.

Today, I am excited to announce that all of our security efforts have culminated in our SOC2 compliance, certifying Tadabase’s security by the most respected accreditation standard on the market and making all of our security practices and procedures transparent to our customers.

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Well done Tada Team…a great feather in the cap and earned recognition. Keep up the good work!




All good guys.
Congratulations on the goal achieved.


Congratulations. Indeed one of the advantages of using a platform is the build-in security. It is great this is recognized and should be a big sales point for Tadabase usage.

Well done!


There’s nothing more uplifting and feels satisfied to hear from the perspective of all customers than to know that our data are secured. Nowadays, there are so many services, but very few are willing to say how secure they are. You’ve done it, @moe Well done! We’re rooting for your success!


This is a big deal, congratulations!