Tadabase consultants or partners

Hi, need help in deciding between knack and tadabase. also need help in moving to tadabase. bascially would want to hire a tadabase expert.

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We offer full service consultation and programming. Please feel free to send an email for a free project review to connect@brandglobal.us

I definitely would suggest Tadabase. I used Knack in the past and in my opinion, Tadabase is a superior product with way more flexibility. If you need any more help deciding if Tadabase is right for, please reach out to me hello@suiteupstairs.ca

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I concur with @SuiteUpstairs.

We use both at the moment, extensively with integromat (for automations).

I started with Knack, and we still use it every day in my small business, but I’m busy migrating to tadabase as fast as I can.

They are very similar, but the slow API of Knack that often throws errors, is one of the main reasons for my move.

Knack seems more mature, but is more staid - Tadabase has some cool features and the development is more vibrant. And Tadabase’s support is better in my experience.

If your needs are basic, either will do the job.


I agree with all on this thread. #Tada4Life is my motto. The platform is maturing every month and the best part is that the team listens to the clients (us) and we actually have a significant say in what is rolled out. As @brettlewis stated, the customer support is, hands-down, the best I have ever had. While it is through chat only, you can use videos to explain issues or concepts and they are very responsive. I tried Knack, Caspio, etc. and Tadabase was the most cost effective, responsive, and cleaner looking.


I second and third everyone.

The support is beyond amazing: They consistently respond within minutes during business hours, and the team actually cares about listening and solving users problems and needs - instead of pitching sales.

The Pro Plan is hands down the best value on the market.

Be prepared for a learning curve, it can get a little frustrating at times - but also be advised it gets addictive and skills get sharpened with time!