Tadabase - integration tip regarding dates

Just a quick tip regarding dates and integrating third-party systems.

When third-party systems see a date from Tadabase (pulled from the API) it actually just sees a text field like this…


The smarter systems will then attempt to establish the field type and format. This particular example we can see it’s a date in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

A couple of points to consider here:

When you’re initially passing data to the third-party system and setting up the integration / API always pass full and complete records in your sample set.

In this example I’ve passed a day of the month greater than 12 so that it can establish which is the month and which is the day. If you don’t do this you may find initially every seems to work but later you have data issues as it got the month and year the wrong way around.

Secondly if you accidentally fail to pass any date at all, since perhaps your sample record hasn’t had a date value set yet, the result will be that the system won’t know it’s even a date.


Consequently it may then not allow you to format it correctly as it originally thought it was plain text and not a date at all!

I just stumbled across this issue in Adalo and it took me a while to figure-out why some dates I could format and other I couldn’t. So if you find you can’t format a date field in Adalo or another system go back and check the sample data you used for it to learn your data type on.

Hope that makes sense,