Tadabase Make.com (Integromat) Issue - Array of objects expected in parameter

Hi everyone

I have used Integromat extensively but this is the first time I am running into this issue. I get records from a table in Tadabase and then attempt to create a new record in Tadabase using Integromat with connected field values from my record search module. I can create a new record fine, however when I map fields, it causes an error.

Anyone run into this?

@moe @Chem @tim.young Also, getting 500 error with Integromat

@moe @Chem Make (Integromat) confirmed your Tadabase app on their platform has a bug and is causing this issue. All my scenarios are being affected. Can you please go through the app on Make.com and make sure everything is working good?

They said: It seems like these record fields (mapped connected fields) are a bit special compared to the other apps in our portfolio and the request JSON gets generated incorrectly.

I, too, am a tadabase & integromat user.

I’m holding off on migrating to make, until the dust settles.

I hope you get this sorted out, though I’m wondering why would this work in integromat and not in make - it sounds a bit dodgy to me (from a make platform perspective).

@centellix I had a similar issue. Make.com kept throwing errors if I tried to use the native Tadabase recordId field.

I was able to create a work around by switching to a text field with the recordId populated in it.

For reference, my workflow had no issues in integromat, it only failed after I moved to Make.com.

Interesting observation. Of course I don’t know but it sounds like, at some point in the process, Make is making an invalid assumption about a data type. This kind of thing is why I’m reluctant to go all-in with the third-party automation tools. I just don’t trust them.

Make has fixed the issue. I tested it the issues I having are resolved. It’s certainly not an extensive test and there could be further issues I haven’t discovered, so I would advise anyone thinking of switching to Make to consider doing their own tests before migrating over.