Tadabase Record Utilities (Import Child Record) not working

Hi Tadabase,

I’m using the Tadabase Record Utilities (Import Child Record) call. I’m confident that I set it up correctly because I watched many of your videos, such as:


These have been very helpful for setting up whether I’m using Duplicate Parent and Child or Import Child Record.

However, I noticed that when I use a parent record with 50 child records (created previously), the pipe works just fine, adding 50 additional questions to the newly created parent record. But when I create a new parent record and use it, the pipe doesn’t seem to work. This is frustrating because it doesn’t make any sense. It works with 50 child records but not with 3?

I hope you can help me with this. Any new record I create isn’t working. So when I run tests, I always use the 50-record set because the pipe only works there. and when it copy the 50 child records, it takes 3-4 minutes. Is that normal?


If you’re creating based on a new parent record then obviously there are no child records associated with that parent record yet. You can only use this pipe on an Edit when the record already exists and it has child records already.

That is clear. Thank you, sir. However, as you can see in the image below, I added a rollup field so that I can determine if there is a child record connected to the parent record I am about to import.

It shows that the record with 50 connected child records successfully copied the child records, while the parent record with 3 connected child records did not.

Hope you can help me on this. Thank you