Text Formula to show Custom Number value

I need to render employee and employees position count in full calendar resource field, as we can’t show multiple field in the resource column, So i am planing to create a text formula, but in the text formula i can’t find the position count field, but i can in number formula field. So it very confusing for me, how can i combine both and show them.

I am new in Tadabase, so need help.

Hi @faisal_sultan I don’t think you can take a complex formula and pass that to a Text Formula. What exactly are you trying to achieve. Can you provide some data examples of what it’s the table and what value you want to create. LAstly what is the use case so we can understand the process better?

Can’t use a text formula with this use case. It is very easy to execute this with an equation formula by using CONCAT(). If fields don’t appear in the options list when creating a text formula, it means the field is not compatible with that type of field.

An equation field could look something like: