The new automatic Record ID are the same for all tables

I was caught out recently with a Zapier Zap that I created. I was confused by the new Record ID field (announced 9th Jan) as I has not realised that the Id’s generated are not unique or random. They are the same for all tables and are similar to the auto-incrementing index.
I’m only posting to advise others… maybe its always been this way (when we used to use a table rule to grab the record ID).

The record IDs should not be used as a secure method to hide records. Each number is essentially an encoded ID. However, it’s important to note that if the ID 10 translates to “4MXQJdrZ6v” in your application, it doesn’t guarantee that our servers in Canada or the upcoming ones in the EU will utilize the identical encoding algorithm.

Thanks Moe, good advice.
I was actually using the Record IDs for some data replication of Tadabase data to an external App we use. Given you comments I can see that I need to avoid using the RecordID a fixed reference.

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