The Search Component is officially launched!

The highly anticipated Search Component is here, better and more powerful than even we imagined.

We took the basic search component and supercharged it with all-powerful search functionality, cross-data component result displays, custom designs and result outputs, and powerful behind the scenes admin controls.

Empower your users to search with custom fields and conditions and retrieve results across all data components that match their search queries.

Learn more about the newly released Search Component here:

As always, we value your feedback on each and every one of our feature releases and invite you to share your thoughts on our new search component in the comments below. Love it? Have suggestions? Let us know!


Exciting! Can’t wait to try it out.


great function! I added search component but cannot find any search result types to select, the data table has several fields and with data also.
How to solve it?

@tenny you must have a data component on that same page from the same data source as the search component.

For example, if your search is searching the users table, make sure the page also has a Users table. Then map them together in the Results tab.

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