Time Sheet Module

Hello tb community,

I saw few people are interested in time sheet system so I thought I’d build one to share. Its in wip so lots of stuff not complete yet but thought i’d share what i have built so far. The intention is to have it as a free to use template for others to use as a baseline standard model. I’ll clean it up before sending out a test drive link…Im not a coder so i have messy redundant codes and parts everywhere at moment.
Currently working on the admin functions which enables ‘submitted’ time sheets to be ‘approved’. To keep it agile, I have considered lots of variables like many work sites, admin per site and agency staff who may belong to supplied service companies etc… let me know what else I should include.


@Shumon Looking forward to seeing this, looks to have a good foundation :ok_hand:

Hi Roger,

I’ve made some progress, do you wanna have a go? login details for ‘Admin’ and ‘Contractors’ are below. Im still working on the nav so the page links might not work properly yet and the validation also not done yet.

Time Sheet Module

submit a time sheet as a ‘contractor’ then login as ‘admin’ and approve that time sheet.

User: siteadmina@ts.com ( OR ‘siteadminb@ts.com’ seperate company)
Password: 123456

User: contractora@ts.com
Password: 123456

User: contractorb@ts.com
Password: 123456

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Very neat Shumon, I do like a clear and concise look. I guess the validation is only to allow one timesheet per week?

Yes Roger, the valuidation looks like this so far. Prevents duplicate time sheet entry for same calendar week by same contractor (user). But im thinking what else is required for validation… for example what happens following year or if the contractor’s employment period has ended.

Admin page for time sheet approval.

Key features:

Multi-tenant - all records seperated for each subscription account and easily filtered in backend using organisation/company name.

Scalable - site admin can add additional work sites and can appoint new site admins and create new end users. Can create ‘Departments’ and ‘Employees’ for company. All record transactions stored under logged in admin user’s company name. Extension/interface to payroll, SAP cost centre code, HR module etc… all considered in the table design and can be easily added where required.

one-handed operation UI for mobile devices considered, mostly thumb use as they end user is likely to be on the move and not office based.

band width and cost of mobile data/roaming considered by ensuring only records that are required are presented at the front and by keeping the top level query processing on the server side.

Records life cylce to be further assessed, ie what should happen to redundant records after time sheet is submitted > approved > paid > archived… each company will have different records retention policy this will need to be aligned…

Off-canvas side nav with push right and dim background.

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