Timesheet Form Setup

Hello I’m trying to create a timesheet forms that can be completed on a tablet on a worksite.

There could be variable number of people on each worksite so I would like to build the form so that it can be tailored to each site e.g. it would have the following information:

Site Name
Week Ending Date

I would like to have it so its a table that



Can I add logic to the form so that field show and hide based on the answer, e.g. absent or overtime worked.

I also need it to show the number of entries for the number of people to complete the timesheet for. e.g. if there are five people on site then it will show on the form rows for five people or as many people that are on the worksite.



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Lee, are you able to clarify a bit more? I’m not really getting a clear picture of what you’re trying to achieve?

Is that supposed to be a table with each column being the name of someone? If that’s what you’re looking for sadly its not possible yet as we don’t have pivot reports available at this time.

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Thank you for the reply, much appreciated.

I am training to achieve building a timesheet form for the workers on a Construction Site.

This is one of the main objectives that I’ve been set to implement a system within the company.

Currently we are using paper timesheets to collect the working hours of people working on each site that we operate but we would like to make all paper forms electronic to collect the data live as such.

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Do you still need some help on this project?


@Lee1 were you able to do it… I have a similar need but we can branch off from your solution if you got any.