Tooltips or hover pop ups

Would be really cool if there could be tooltips for help descriptions on the live app or pop up cards to display record data on hover.


@tim.young, I would support this suggestion whole hearted.


one more vote! I’m finding ways to work on tooltips too

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Something like this would be very helpful! It opens on hover.

Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 12.40.07 PM

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Where would you want to see these tooltips?

I think making it an option on any type of button (actions/submit/link) would be cool.

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I’d say anywhere that would be useable where you can add “help” text for fields. Maybe a “?” upper right corner of a field label.

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Yep, this get my vote too

Here’s 2 methods of creating tooltips if anyone is interested.

Hover text - Buttons

Data entry prompts

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Thank you @tim.young These are very helpful!