Touchinbase with Tadabase - Dec. 3rd, 2021

This feels like a special edition of Touchinbase with Tadabase. In the spirit of the holiday season…we’re emptying our fridge, throwing all sorts of new ingredients in the pot, and cooking up some FANTASTIC stuff - and it smells great.

This edition is all about what’s happening behind the scenes. As you’ve likely noticed, our feature updates have slowed down a lot, and that’s a great thing.

Here’s why.

Tadabase is in optimization-mode. This means pounding out our stunningly new Builder UI, which includes incredible upgrades that are guaranteed to optimize your building experience, as well as perfecting hundreds of existing features to eliminate bugs and improve performance.

Let’s take a step back and look at what we’ve achieved over the past 4 years. An all-powerful platform that competes on a global scale, a truly phenomenal customer base, millions and millions of records, thousands of applications, and more. It really is something special.

All of this sets the stage for us to continue pushing forward with the next stages of Tadabase’s journey.

Stand back because our spaceship is about to blast off!

In this edition we’ll tell you about:

  • New Builder UI
  • Embeddable Component Updates
  • QR and Barcode Scanning
  • PDF Partnerships
  • New Pipes
  • Filter groups for complex formulas

:hammer_and_wrench: Behind the Scenes

New Builder UI

We are nearly done!

While we already talked about the changes coming in the new Builder UI here, additional upgrades have been added. Here’s a list containing most of the upcoming changes with the new Builder UI.

  • Keyboard shortcuts and keyboard navigation.
  • Unique URLs for every page, sub-page, menu, and sub-menu.
  • Field IDs are now visible in the URL when editing a field.
  • Record IDs are now visible in the URL when editing a record.
  • Consistent button design and location for primary actions
  • Replaced right-side slider with stand-alone edit pages.
  • Modal pop-ups for various actions.
  • Create and Save views in Data Builder.
  • Single-click to edit components, fields, record, etc.
  • Tweaked colors of the Form Component builder.
  • Improved drag and drop functionality of the Form Component builder.
  • Removed options that were not available - ie . if you don’t have multiple steps in a form, you won’t see the Step Options button.
  • Removed options that did not work properly.
  • Improved the builder search functionality to search all fields in a data table.

It’s been a truly rewarding experience to give our builder a fresh new look because it has given us the opportunity to view our product from a fresh perspective.

Our mantra as we develop our new Builder UI is “Pixel Perfect”- meaning, every pixel on the screen should have a purpose. Every button, link, option, text, etc. should be clear and concise while offering a definitive purpose for its existence and function.

We’ve also significantly enhanced the fluidity of movement within the Builder to perfection, which is guaranteed to provide a smoother and more delightful building experience.

Stay tuned for a release date on our highly anticipated new Builder UI!

Huge Improvements to Embeddable Components

Go home, iframes, your time is done here!

Security issues aside, embedding anything in an iframe can be irritating. It’s difficult to set the height and width correctly, sometimes you get multiple scroll bars on screen, and for anyone who is white-labeling their application - iframes are a big no-no!

About 10 months ago, we released a beta of our Embeddable Components. Embeddable Components allow users to generate a script that can be used outside of your Tadabase application to display components from your application. An example of this could be displaying records on a public-facing company website, like current inventory, public roadmap, or real estate listings.

We worked closely with one of our customers (:two_hearts:) to polish this feature into the shining star you see below. In an upcoming update, you’ll see the following changes to the Embeddable Component.

  • Restyled with our new Builder UI update
  • You can now modify the alignment of each field that’s displayed
  • You can now adjust the width of each field that’s displayed
  • You can now add custom CSS classes to each field that’s displayed
  • You can now add custom CSS to each field that’s displayed
  • You can now select a preset style to change how the component looks when displayed
  • You can now add dynamic field values to the Details Popup Title - eg. {customer name} - {status}



Wanna see it live? Check it out right here

Built-in QR Code scanning

Coming soon for the Form Component…Enable barcode scanning for a Form Field to allow your users to quickly capture information and populate the Form Field using their mobile device camera.

This includes multiple options for barcode formats, selecting which camera to use, and more.

Can’t wait to see this one in action!

New partnership for PDF creation

It’s still a bit early to really get into the weeds with this one but we’re very excited to tell you that we’ve begun conversations to partner with Eledo for PDF generation. With Tadabase + Eledo, you’ll be able to dynamically pass your app data to this incredibly powerful PDF tool.

Make sure to check them out!

:arrow_up_small: Product Updates

New Pipes

You’ve watched Oprah right? I mean, who hasn’t?

Well, we feel a bit Oprah-esque here.

You get a Pipe!
You get a Pipe!
And YOU get a Pipe!

Go ahead and look under your seats! PIPES!

We’ve released the following new Pipes

  • Microsoft Calendar
  • Microsoft Contacts
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Pipedrive

Here’s what we’re finishing up in our… pipeline

  • Asana
  • BitBucket
  • ClickUp
  • Discord
  • DocuSign
  • Everhour
  • First Data Payeezy
  • Freshbooks
  • GitHub
  • Gmail
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Docs
  • Harvest
  • LinkedIn
  • Shopify
  • Smartsheet
  • TMetric
  • Tadabase Builder API
  • TimeCamp
  • TimeDoctor
  • Timely
  • Timeneye
  • Toggl
  • Value Incrementer
  • Xero
  • Zoho Subscriptions

Filter groups for complex formulas

In an effort to offer consistent filtering throughout all areas of Tadabase, we’ve recently added the ability to create filter groups, and filter using AND/OR in Complex Formulas.

Previously, when creating filter conditions with Complex Formulas, the filters could get unnecessarily lengthy due to being restricted to using the AND operator.

When trying to filter for records where Status is Open or Status is Blank , the filter conditions could look something like this:

Status is not In Progress


Status is not In Review


Status is not Blocked


Status is not blank

With the new filter functionality, we can now simplify these conditions to:

Status is Open


Status is blank

You can find this update live right now. Have fun!

That’s all for this episode of Touchinbase with Tadabase. Happy Holidays everyone!


Thanks for the update. Im looking forward to seeing this live.


Having tested the Microsoft integrations a little, it seems that these are individually authenticated (I am no certain of this). As the admin our Microsoft domain I would like to authenticate for all users - otherwise its hard to build this into the app workflow. Is this possible or out of scope?
For example: To find specific events in the Outlook calenders of all users on our domain

Any update on this by any chance
OR Microsoft SSO ?

Hi Noel :wave:

What updates are you referring to specifically?

Microsoft SSO is definitely still on our roadmap for the near future. We’re finishing up some other big updates first :+1:

Hey Tim,
Hope all is well - honestly the amount of functionality ye add so regularly still amazes me.
Above was wrt to being able to authenticate for all user as per @mtif above

Would it be possible to have some further clarification regarding the topic of PDF generation through Eledo? Particularly timescales and whether we will be required to subscribe to Eledo. For myself currently generate between 500-1000 pdfs, which under the pricing of Eledo is going to be a considerable annual cost for something I had previously considered would be included with the Tadabase subscription. Thankyou in advance.

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Hey @Ashley,

The integration with Eledo will be just one of the available options depending on your use case and needs.

Ah ok Tim, thankyou for that!

Hey @Ashley,

Using the integromat integration and google you can create PDF’s - see this video (below) I found recently which may be of interest…

I use integromat a lot with cloud apps in my business, with tadabase as my main datastore, and it’s really amazing what can be achieved.

The PDF tools are expensive in general and I was happy to find this option.


Thankyou very much @brettlewis this seems to be a great way, I will take a close look at this method over the next few weeks and let you know how I get on! Thanks again!!!

It is not only new things which were added. Alas we also lost some internal pipes, where you now have to work with Integromat or Zapier.
I am more a fan of having control in-house, instead of relying on third-party, So this was a surprise and also not mentioned in this post.

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Hi @tim.young, great post thanks, can you share more about the “Embeddable” Components and also I see you are stating that you have Xero Pipes integration, where can I learn more about this please?

Hi @GREDDIE, you can now create, view, edit, and send invoices using the Xero pipe! In the builder, navigate to Pipes ->> Install Pipe, and install the Xero pipe.
Check out the link below for more information about embeddable components:


That’s weird I searched for Xero pipe last week and I’m certain it wasn’t there! :slight_smile: Anyway, that’s fantastic news. I took a quick look at the Xero pipes and it doesn’t look like it includes the end points for Xeros “Quotes” the ability to create quotes just like you can an invoice. Since this is often the beginning of the accounting journey it would be great to have these end points included otherwise I’m going to have to write a whole quoting engine in Tadabase :grimacing: (some people are never happy I know :wink: )

Great to see Xero included though and thanks for the other info too.

@GREDDIE, the Xero pipe was just released :grinning:. Thank you for your suggestion, the Quotes end points have now been added to the Xero pipe.


:grinning: What?? That’s madness you’ve added Quote endpoints I only raised this yesterday ! I’m amazed, thank you so much …

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