Tracking order page url for customer?

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Trying to see if this is a possibility with tadabase.
Let’s say I have a Tadabase food order app which is able to keep track theincoming food orders, the food order stage process (prep, cook,etc), etc.
Now, I want to be able to create a page for the customer to pick a time window for the food delivery, and keeping track their orders for example like delivery time, and order status (prep, cook, etc).
This page will be a tinyurl that’s sent to each customer.

How do I do this in tadabase?

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@kruizf201 this reminds me of something you’ve built!

@handigard This is indeed possible, although since there’s a lot going on here in a build like this, it’s hard to give specific advice on the topic as a whole but perhaps you’d find some of the videos from this playlist helpful.

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@handigard @tim.young yes this is possible, one of my customers App is using this feature, I built a Uber Eats like ordering App using Tadabase,

Now with JS code feature on Pipes it is even much easier and can be made native,

Let me know if you want to develop this feature, I can help you with this,

Thank you @tim.young
That helps me to have an idea of what I am trying to achieve. I am going to try it out first.

Thanks @kruizf201
Since you mentioned JS code feature on Pipes, I am guessing you’re building a custom tracking form for this? Wondering if you would be able to share a big picture of what you did, maybe?

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Yes, @handigard. In this case, you will want to supervise the order stage. To achieve this, you can create a script that ‘GETs’ the order stage every few seconds.

Using the Tadabase API, you can check the stage process (prep, cook, etc.) and create a custom script that handles the order page view on the customer device based on this order process stage.

@tim.young @handigard here is my solution:

This is my orders table:

This are my rules for orders table:

I’m using this Tadabase pipe:

This is my order details Javascript:

var orderId = '{pageField.Record ID}';
var ordersTable = 'lGArg7rmR6';
var orderStatsIdField = 'field_42';

function getOrderStats(order){
    	{tableId: ordersTable,fieldId: orderStatsIdField,operator: 'is',value: orderId},
    	function(type, response, xhrRespone) {
    		alert('Order Stats: ' + response.items[0].field_41);

TB.render('component_3', function(data) {
	}, 30000);
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@handigard from alert(…) you can develop your solution

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Oh wow @kruizf201 . Thank you so much!