Trigger pipe using action link in a table

I created my own API hosted on Google Cloud. POST /dummy. The API accepts a document body. I am able to trigger the API from the pipe Test tool in tadabase, but the API is not triggering when clicking on action link in a table. I can provide more details

Yes, please post most details of the pipe and the action link

Yes, more details would certainly help. I’m guessing you’re not setting a response parameter.

We’ve discussed this in several other posts. But the Pipe only runs based on values being saved, if no response value is being saved, the pipe will not run.

We are working on changing this behavior in the near future.

Correct, I am not setting up a response.
So, my dummy API returns on success 200 Ok with JSON value
Are you saying I should use the DocumentID in the response and save it? For instance, I am triggering the pipe from action link in a table and I do want to update a field in the table with the documentID being returned from the API call.

Also, if you look at the attached screenshot, I am not sure I am setting the response correctly for the example above

Please refer to me any posts or documentation I should be reading first.


Yes, you must save the response back to Tadabase in order for the Pipe to run. This is temporary and in our next Pipe update it will work without requiring to do this.

Your response does look correct based on the JSON value you pasted above.


You are right. It worked after I set a response in Pipe configuration. Thanks!