Trigger Popup Form on Record Update

Is there a way to trigger a popup form when a drop down menu is set to a certain value?

I’m building a deal pipeline in Tadabase, and trying to see if I can trigger a popup form that requires the user to enter a reason when a deal is marked “Lost.”

For additional context, we are flexible about how and from what type of page the popup is triggered from.


I am not sure about triggering a popup, but I think there is a ready-made way to accomplish what I think you’re trying to accomplish. Use form rules for display and validation.

On an Add Record form, you can use rules to govern whether certain fields are visible. So for example, I have a new record form for Clients. When I click the “Add Client” button, at first, the only thing I see is the Client Name field. As soon as I start typing in that, the Address field appears below. Moreover, I’ve used the display rule to change the field label for “Address” to “ADDRESS IS REQUIRED”. Finally, I added a Validation rule that shows a message if user tries to submit the record while the Address field is blank.

Would this do the trick for you? See screen captures below.


Set up the form rules

What happens in live form

I really should show three captures here or a video but this one screenshot shows the end state, that is, what happens after Name is entered (Address fields appear) but if user then submits form without entering an address.

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Great solution @WilliamPorter! Thank you for sharing.

To expand on this slightly, the same options can be enabled and configured on an edit record form. When editing a deal as “lost”, enable display rules to show “lost reason” and require that previously hidden field.

@WilliamPorter @tim.young Thank you very much for those options, very helpful and much appreciated!

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