Troubles with Pipes used in Database Rules

Hi all,

I’m not sure if this is a bug of it I’m doing something wrong.

I have a pipe that I’ve set up. It works perfectly when I test the pipe under the “Pipes” menu option in Tadabase. It all works great. Now I want to use that pipe as a Rule on a database–when a new record is created, I want to run this pipe to fill in a field in the DB table. NOTE: I want to run this as a Rule on the DB because the data flowing into this DB will be from an external API call–I won’t be using a Form.

When I hook my pipe up, create a new record on the DB, the “Add New Record” UI says “Saving” down in the bottom right corner but the spinning dots icon never stops. It never successfully creates the record and runs the pipe. If I hit the “Close” button, it closes successfully, the record is added, but the field that should have come from the pipe doesn’t land in the field.

Basically, it looks like the pipe is keeping the rule from completing. Anyone else run into this?

@jeremy this sounds like a bug or perhaps a misconfiguration with the Pipe.

We’d need to check the specifics to figure out why.

Can you open a support ticket with the details so we can investigate?

You bet! Thanks moe.