Truncate text of a note or text field

Is there a way to truncate a note/text in a table so it will only display a certain number of characters and then add …more to the end.

Example: “This is a test note of the trunc …more”


Tadabase Text Utilities can do this with the Text Functions method. Docs found here, it’s the 4th item on the list -

You’ve got a bunch of different ways to do this. You could run the pipe at the Data Source level and display the result in a Pipe Field.

You can run this pipe in a table rule and set the truncated text response as the value of another field which you can display in a component. For example, I have a long text field that contains an entire paragraph. The pipe will truncate the text to my desired length, and then set a text field with the response. I could then display the text field in a table, and the original long text field on a details page.

There are more options available here in this post

For more context on the post I made in the topic above, assign a custom CSS class to your field you want to truncate, and then use the CSS provided.

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