Tuesdays with Tadabase - April 9th 2024

:new_moon: :dark_sunglasses: The only thing that could eclipse yesterday’s spectacular total solar eclipse is the updates our team has in store this week! So without further ado, let’s don our glasses as to not be blinded by the show–

:toolbox: Starting with our engineers:

  • The Plugin in layouts option we mentioned last week is now live, check it out!

  • :lock: Security Enhancements: While working on the additional user security settings, we’ve doubled down and added some additional security tweaks like:

    • Extra protection using firewalls on login pages
    • Blocking malicious hacking attempts
    • Additional layers of security in record deletes

We’re making continuous infrastructure updates for best-in-class security. While we can’t necessarily dive into the details of the updates and protections we’re putting in place - rest assured that we are making constant efforts to ensure our security systems are truly resilient and tested. :shield:

  • :hook: Incoming Webhook Updates:

    • New Incoming Webhook report page- The Tadabase Webhook Catcher now has a condensed report view of all incoming webhooks. The report is filtered by date and shows how many successful webhooks were processed and how many webhooks failed for the selected date.

    • See better reporting on multi-value webhooks - Deeper insights into which specific request failed when receiving a multi-value webhook. Additionally, there is now the option to retry specific requests within a partially failed webhook, rather than the whole thing.

  • Get notifications to one or multiple emails about webhook errors - Stay up to speed with real-time email notifications when incoming webhooks fail to process.

  • Fixed Date Format Issues -Date formatting has been changed to mm/dd/yyyy

  • :electric_plug: New Plugins:

    • Sync Tabs - Synchronize Filter Tabs across multiple components. When one is clicked, they all click!

    • Table Grouping by Company - Create clean and crisp table views of users or employees, grouped by Company & Logo.

    • Table Grouping by Image - Take your table groupings to the next level by adding an additional grouping by the record’s image or file field.

  • Mermaid Chart Visualizer - more on this in plugin of the week!

  • :bug: Bug Fixes:

    • DEV-6883 - fixed an issue where the “Form Component - Is Connected With Current Record’s Field” was not working correctly inside a connection field.

    • DEV-6914 - fixed an issue with Slider Fields where the min and max values appeared blank in the field settings.

:jigsaw: Plugin of the week:

Mermaid chart visualizer - Create dynamic org charts using Mermaid JS, from a connection field + text field in your data table. Read more about this plugin here. :mermaid:

:end: Time to close this one out, Tadabasers. Happy building and see you next week! :full_moon_with_face:


I can’t find the Tadabase Webhooks. Please help me find this. @Adi

Here you go @Peter