Tuesdays with Tadabase - August 29th 2023

:books: :notebook:School’s back in session and we’re taking you into the classroom with us in this week’s update. Let’s hit the books to see what the team’s been up to: :pencil2:

:toolbox: Our engineers have been cramming to ace all their tests. They have:

  • Made serious improvements to speed when loading very large connected tables. Woohoo! :racing_car:

  • Added a new option to force the ‘Forgot Password’ screen to load in the login component. :old_key:

  • Created new variables to auto define URL parameters in the HTML login component. YAY. :cool:

  • Added the option to auto populate the email field in the password reset link, so there’s just one fewer thing to worry about. :email:

:clapper: BTS, we’re polishing off the Source Data feature and we finally can confidently say that this will be ready for testing by next week. (See you there, we’re taking attendance) :zap:

:school_satchel: Pop quiz! What do you know about redirect rules and user journeys? Well, it’s time to refresh our memories with this week’s Build it with Tim episode! Learn more about this underutilized tool to automate users’ app navigation to optimize and streamline the experience. Watch the video :point_down: (it’s <6 minutes!)

Plugin of the Week:

We’re opening up a fresh box of crayons :crayon: and making apps more aesthetically pleasing by applying the color of each filter tab to the background of the table actions section, making the app look more cohesive and visually appealing.

:bell: The bell’s ringing – class dismissed, Tadabasers. Happy building and we’ll see you at roll-call next week! :bookmark: