Tuesdays with Tadabase- Dec. 13th 2022

Welcome back to another Tuesday with Tadabase! Everyone at the ready? We’ve got another exciting update this week!

:rotating_light:First up on the agenda is the drum roll please PDF updates! We’ve made the following update/changes to make PDFs even more user friendly. PDF is finally coming out of Alpha and going straight to Stable.

Some highlights:

  • Fixed dozens of bugs :bug:
  • Changed structure to be less dependent on Pages
  • Added the ability to view (in popup) and download PDFs directly from data components

    Ability to open PDF in a popup:
  • Ability to generate a PDF attachment directly from an outgoing email :email:
  • Choose your unique PDF theme

We’re just getting started! There is more coming in the future including performance improvements, charts and pivot tables. :raised_hands:

:toolbox: We’ve pulled out the toolbox and worked on the docs portal to improve speed and performance. We’ve also fixed several pipe issues with data fields. Woohooo :muscle:

:interrobang: Need assistance with a project? Looking to have a partner build out your app for you? You can now submit project requests and have a Tadabase partner reach out to help! Submit a project here!

Are you a Tadabase expert? Join our partner network for project leads and exclusive perks! :mirror_ball:

:school_satchel: Next up, a truly incredible Build it with Tim on how to generate tweets and automate your Twitter account using Open AI. Learn how to schedule, generate and publish tweets all from your Tadabase app! WOW.

:scissors: Snippet of the week:

How to Customize Tadabase Charts! Use this snippet to change the language of your charts (using JavaScript), and add custom themes to your charts (using CSS). YAY!

That’s all for this week, Tadabasers. Happy building and see you next Tuesday! :partying_face: