Tuesdays with Tadabase - February 13th 2024

:passenger_ship: :flying_saucer: Mid February is passing by and our team is all hands on deck bringing this update.

:toolbox: Our engineers are nearly ready to go live with the latest PDF updates which include the capability to make highly customizable and beautiful designs. YAY.

We’ve also made significant improvements with how table rules load and are seeing 100x improvements in load speed when loading the table rules where there are more than a dozen rules. :fast_forward:

Plus, we’ve also Increased the speed of how connected values get loaded in table rules.

:clapper: Behind the scenes:

  • Fixed some bugs with searching by exact ID :bug:

  • Added “Is Exact” as a filter option in data source filtering which will filter by case sensitive

  • Fixed issue with filtering by Date Range fields using the API (Link)

  • Bug updates are here: link

:jigsaw: New Plugins:

Multiple new plugins utilizing different libraries to easily display data from a JSON file in unique libraries. With the plugins below, you can have a JSON in an attachment field and load the data in realtime on a details page.

  • JSON to ag-Grid Table Integration
  • JSON to FancyGrid Table Integration
  • JSON to WebDataRocks Table Integration
  • JSON to Tabulator Table Integration
  • JSON to Handsontable Table Integration
  • JSON to Flexmonster Table Integration
  • JSON to PivotUI Table Integration

:pushpin: That’s a wrap on this week, Tadabasers. Happy building and see you next week! :end: