Tuesdays with Tadabase - February 20th 2024

:racing_car: :stadium: Ready…set…go! Tuesday is here and our team is firing on all cylinders this week.

:toolbox: Our engineers are racing ahead this week, presenting us with:

  • :art: Launched New PDF designer!!! You can now generate a PDF Page and customize it in real-time through an HTML and CSS editor and include record values inside the PDF Header & Footer. For the details, read more here.

  • Fixing an with issue in conditions when there are more than 3 conditions and the conditions are connection fields

  • :bug: Squashed some bugs:

    • Fixed issue with trial limits not being applied properly
    • Fixed issue with export component when using custom S3 bucket
  • Updated Plugins published last week to work directly with file fields as well.

:clapper: Behind the scenes:

  • Adding ability to export via API
  • Adding ability to change time zones in real time for calendar components

:jigsaw: Plugin of the week:

Conditional Detail Page Display! Control page visibility with this plugin by comparing URL segments for a dynamic viewing experience. More on this plugin here.

:end: That’s all for this week, Tadabasers. Happy building and catch you next week! :checkered_flag:

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