Tuesdays with Tadabase - January 16th 2024

:ice_cube: :ice_skate: The icy January air has been keeping most of us inside these days, but our team is still going wild bringing you this update. :tiger:

:toolbox: Our engineers have been hard at work:

  • :bug:Fixing bugs (those pesky things)

  • Optimizing our new builder! What do you think? For those who haven’t read the update, you can do so here. :art:

  • Published 2 new plugins :jigsaw: - welcome aboard:

  • Updated the datatable to HTML pipe to accept css classes. Woohoo!

  • New pipe to duplicate and custom update records

  • Adding caching mechanisms to CSV databridge integrations for quicker loading.

:clapper: Behind the scenes, we’re working on some additional updates to new builder including:

  • Better domain Management

  • New equation field auto-complete

  • A way to add/manage fields in real time from the page builder.

  • Charting in PDFs :bar_chart:

  • Putting some final touches to the MySQL databridge integration :bridge_at_night:

:mortar_board: Tim’s bringing us another Tadabase Blueprints video: Episode 2 where we learn to add a warehouse management system to the application. Check it out! :point_down:

:jigsaw: Plugin of the week:

Empower users to seamlessly link form data and a dynamic spreadsheet table with the Data-to-Table Spreadsheet Mapper plugin. Read more about this plugin here!

:snowflake: That’s everything for this week, Tadabasers. Happy building, stay warm and see you next week! :snowman_with_snow:

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" Charting in PDFs :bar_chart:" ??

Is there a timetable on this feature?