Tuesdays with Tadabase - January 30th 2024

:snowflake: :snowboarder: January is closing out but not before we squeeze in one more update to round off the month. Let’s check in with the team:

:toolbox: Our engineers have their bug squashers ready and are using their skills liberally. :bug: This week they’ve fixed:

  • Fixed issue with record history not showing correctly (DEV-6706)
  • Fixed issue with export component not showing correctly (DEV-6704)
  • Fixed issue with menu not being visible on bottom of the screen (DEV-6671)
  • Fixed issue with breadcrumbs in builder navigation (DEV-6677)
  • Fixed issue with logout not redirecting to default login (DEV-6640)
  • Fixed issue with inability to change slug (DEV-6645)
  • Fixed issue with copy component button (DEV-6718)
  • Fixed issue with the created_at field not working in calendar component (DEV-6727)
  • Fixed issue with created_at not showing in details component (DEV-6725)
  • Removed the blank value in connection fields (DEV-6626)
  • Changed styles of link buttons by default (DEV-6631)
  • Fixed issue with submit button display rules when working with connection fields (DEV-6588)
  • Changed working for login required (DEV-6379)
  • Removed API tokens from rules (DEV-6644)
  • Removed default fields from being added when adding component (DEV-6682)
  • Fixed issue with record ID and auto increment fields in connected values (DEV-6708)
  • Added ability to reorder connection fields (DEV-6683)
  • Fixed issue with created_at is updated when edits are performed (DEV-6705)
  • Tweaked profile photo to be rectangular (DEV-6659)
  • Fixed issue with Clear Filter button (DEV-6690)
  • Fixed issue with header/footer being laggy (DEV-6590)

:hook: We’ve also fixed several items on the webhook catcher to increase speed and email notification issues.

:mega: Be sure to check out our release notes as we will continue to update and add to this list as we make more fixes. Our main focus this week has been fixes and optimizations and we will be continuing this theme for the coming week as well.

:mortar_board: Be on the lookout for more episodes of our Tadabase Blueprints series coming soon!

:jigsaw: Plugin of the week:

Elevate your mobile calendar with a personalized header toolbar using the Mobile Calendar Styling plugin! Maintain a sleek and functional calendar design, catering to users on the go. Read more on this plugin here.

:pushpin: That’s a wrap on the first month of 2024. Happy building and see you next week, Tadabasers! :mailbox_with_no_mail: