Tuesdays with Tadabase - July 2nd 2024

:dark_sunglasses: :parasol_on_ground: July has arrived and her sunny disposition is energizing our whole team. Let’s check out what we’ve been doing–

:toolbox: Our engineers have:

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Added a new feature to set how many records load in join dropdown. This allows both faster load speeds and greater flexibility.

:wrench: We’ve also added capability to easily connect pipes with plugins to integrate backend Pipes with Frontend Javascript code. For example, see the new Tadabot plugin launched today.

:art: We’re officially launching new login and signup pages shortly - we’ve been sprucing up this feature to be sure it’s good to go, be on the lookout for more on this in the coming days. .

:bug: We’ve fixed some bugs (it is cicada season after all), including:

  • Issue with builder redirects when navigating straight to a page.
  • Fixed several bugs with new layouts.
  • Issue with Magic Link.
  • Issue with PDF Forms and their page sizes.
  • Output format in date utilities.

:jigsaw: Plugin of the week:

New! Tadabot open AI Plugin which enables users to utilize open AI to ask questions about the data and page being viewed.

This is especially useful for summarizing text, drafting emails, and generating reports but the possibilities are endless!

:robot: Watch the video to learn more about this plugin, how to install it and see it in action :point_down:.

More on this plugin here.

:sun_behind_large_cloud:That’s all for this one, Tadabasers. Happy building and see you next week! :sunflower: