Tuesdays with Tadabase - July 4th 2023

:fireworks: :sparkler:The fireworks may be dazzling this fourth of July, but we all know the real show starts with this week’s Tuesdays with Tadabase! Check out how the team’s been lighting up to the night sky: :dizzy:

:toolbox: Our engineers have rolled up their sleeves this week, starting with–

:jigsaw: Plugin updates going live with in the next few days! These will allow users to include code as part of their app with the touch of a button. :tada:

:hook: Webhook logs are now live! Woohooo. :point_down:

:new: We’ve added a new Pipe method in the Text Utility pipes that can convert a state name to its 2 letter abbreviation (postal code). I.e. Florida becomes “FL”.

:bug: We’ve snagged multiple bugs this week including a bug in the calendar component and a few with plugins. For the complete list of fixes, check out our release notes.

:wrench: Introducing new advanced pipes that can be enabled upon request. These include:

  1. Microsoft Word Pipe that can create dynamic word docs. Yay!
  2. Microsoft Excel pipe that can update an excel sheet with dynamic values and return other cells as a parameter. Booya.
  3. Batch Email/SMS sending. Send emails or text messages to a list of users based on a non connected record. Yep! :incoming_envelope:
  4. Routing Pipe - create a route based on a list of drivers and jobs and preferred times. That’s right! :articulated_lorry:

:school_satchel: We’re blessed with a new Build it with Tim episode this week! As we’re reminded of our country’s founding, we’re delving into our Tadabase foundations in this episode on Building a Sales Funnel & Pipeline. In under 15 minutes, watch Tim build a data workflow to optimize business practices. :muscle:

:scissors: Snippet of the week:

Create a corresponding number of connected Child records based on a Number field in the Parent table. For example, if a purchase of 5 fireworks was made, this will automatically populate 5 connected records. Watch the full explanation in the video here and read more about this snippet here.

:stars: Shows over for this week, Tadabasers. Happy Independence day and we’ll see you on Tuesday! :us: