Tuesdays with Tadabase - June 13th 2023

:racing_car: :stadium: Mid-June is zooming by at full throttle, and our team is firing on all cylinders! So, buckle up, hold on tight and check out the highlights from the laps we’ve made so far this week:

:toolbox: Our engineers have pulled out all the stops and shifted into high-gear. They have/are:

  • Fixed tons of pesky bugs. Check out the complete list in our release notes :bug: (Release Notes | Tadabase).

  • :robot: Finalizing the AI builder. This will allow AI to build the framework and add to your existing app.

  • Dynamic field is ready for testing! Woohoo! Want to test it? Ask support to enable it for your app. :firecracker:

:crystal_ball: In the pipeline: we’re working on a new one click snippet installer. This will allow users to utilize a snippet of code without actually inputting the code itself (No-Code FTW). By selecting the snippet required, the code will automatically be applied to the designated part of the app. Yes, that easy. More on this soon!

We’re also working on the ability to create fully dynamic HTML pages and layouts to get more advanced control over your Layout designs. :art:

:mortar_board: :books: As we continue to improve our knowledge center to make finding what you’re looking for quicker and easier…. We’ve added a Field section to our docs portal! This breaks down the different types of fields you can utilize on Tadabase and when each type is most appropriate. Even for seasoned users, this can be a useful refresher and help revamp your app. Read more here!

:scissors: Snippet of the week:

Need to hide a component unless it’s the first day or week of the month? Look no further, we’ve got the snippet for you! Read more and snip the code here. :see_no_evil: :date:

:checkered_flag: We’re waving the checkered flag on this one, Tadabasers. Happy building and see you on the next race day (AKA next Tuesday)! :motorcycle: :wheel: