Tuesdays with Tadabase - May 14th 2024

:man_running: :dash: Mid-may has arrived and our team is zooming ahead! Here’s the update:

:magic_wand: Magic links update:

Magic links are live and we’re stoked about the incredible feedback and reception we’ve received so far! Keep the feedback coming!

:toolbox: Our engineers have:

:electric_plug: Added many new plugins! Including–

:open_file_folder: Advanced API filtering is now here!

We’ve added the ability to filter in API using child filters groups! This means users are now able to filter by more complicated combinations of filters like ‘And’ and ‘or’.

For example, if you’re filtering by API and want to get all customers whose status is active and they have an outstanding payment due or they’re exempt from paying.

Essentially, a parent filter and a child filter where you can filter by “or”. While this sounds complicated, it’s an exceptionally helpful feature!

Read more on what this can do for your app here.

:hook: We’re taking webhook requests to the next level!

We’ve added Multi-insert in webhooks so that you can now take one webhook request and perform multiple actions with it.

For example, when sending an invoice with invoice line items, users can now insert the invoice and then insert line items, connecting the line items back to the original invoice.

:lock: User security on lock!

We’re diligently working on additional user security features including the ability to force only a single user session at a time. Meaning, each account can only have one active session at a time.

Plugin of the week:

Dynamic Submenu Hover Effects! Elevate user experience by adding dynamic hover effects to your submenus. This plugin seamlessly changes the background color and text on hover, providing an engaging and visually appealing navigation experience.

Read more about this plugin here.

:end: That’s a wrap on this week, Tadabasers. Happy building and don’t forget to tune in next week! :notes:


Gotcha :scream_cat: @Adi you haven’t turned-off comments ! :grinning: which is handy as I have a question about “we’re taking webhooks to the next level”… bit, I don’t understand what this feature is or where it is could you elaborate a little?

Another amazing update as usual :facepunch:

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@GREDDIE of course! We love comments.

I’ll take a stab at explaining this.

Suppose you have a webhook that has details about a customer, the invoice and the line items. You now need to take this webhook and do 3 things.

  1. Add the customer into the Customers table
  2. Add the invoice into the invoices table and connect it to the customer
  3. Add the line items into the Line Items table and connect it to the invoice.

In this example, the payload might look like this:

  "customer": {
    "name": "John Doe",
    "email": "john.doe@example.com",
    "phone": "555-1234"
  "invoice": {
    "invoice_number": "INV-1001",
    "date": "2024-05-14",
    "total_amount": 150.00
  "line_items": [
      "description": "Product A",
      "quantity": 2,
      "price": 50.00
      "description": "Product B",
      "quantity": 1,
      "price": 50.00

Our latest feature enables you do this with a single webhook.

I hope that helps. This is being tested by a few customers and will be going live soon.

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To piggyback of what Moe said, imagine linking multiple Tadabase modules together in Make or Zapier :wink: