Tuesdays with Tadabase - May 21st 2024

:magic_wand: :mirror_ball: Feel the magic in the air? It belongs to our team bringing you this glittering update! Let’s get to it–

:toolbox: Our engineers have been hard at work:

:email: Multi-smtp is live! You can now have multiple different email configurations. Inside a form, you can choose which SMTP configuration to use with each email or an action link. This is useful if you have a multi-tenant app- can now choose different email providers for different forms.

:hook: In the next few days we will have additional features in webhook catcher where you can share webhook with other users to help facilitate support or collaboration.

:bug: Fixing some pesky bugs:

  • Fixed issue with webhooks that have nested values
  • Fixed issue with ID fields in webhook catcher
  • Fixed issue with multi domains
  • Fixed issue when trying to save secondary domain

:electric_plug: New Plugin:

As per our community request, here is the new Customize Redirect Text plugin to change the text when a page is redirecting. More on this plugin here.

:wrench: Pipe updates:

We’ve updated the ICS pipe! You can now create an event that can be attached in an email and add it to someone’s calendar. The event can be saved as a file attachment to an attachment field or as a BASE64. We also added the ability to set timezone so you can define which timezone the event will be at.

:loudspeaker: Survey: We want to hear from you!

Please complete this survey to share your input on your experience and help us with our goalmap!

:speech_balloon: Message from Moe, our CEO!

Hi all! Some of you may have received this via email. We are eagerly gathering feedback to ensure our continued development aligns with our customers’ needs. Your input is invaluable to us, and we carefully read and listen to every single response. If you haven’t yet had a chance to share your thoughts, please take a few minutes to do so—we truly appreciate it! Complete the survey here.

:jigsaw: Plugin of the week:

New! Customized Connection Field Interface- Using CSS, tailor your Tadabase app’s connection fields to enhance user interaction and visual appeal in your forms. Read more on this plugin here.

:end: That’s all for now, Tadabasers. Happy building and see you next week! :dizzy:

How do you add a second SMTP provider? I can not seem to find the documentation/ setting for this.

Thank you in advance!