Tuesdays with Tadabase - May 30th 2023

:wave: :face_with_peeking_eye: As May bids us farewell and June peeks around the corner, let’s check in and see what the team has been up to this week: :point_down:

:toolbox: Our engineers have rolled up their sleeves and put in the work for us this week! They have been:

  • Rolling out an exciting update that allows the ability to search by connected fields. Niice.
  • Adding the ability to filter records by connected values. Oh ya! :mag_right: :link: (Check out the feature spotlight below for more on this!)
  • Rolling out Custom Component and Pipescript to all users (based on subscription). YAY. :muscle:
  • Adding JavaScript Callbacks for Login Component. Woohoo!

:crystal_ball: That’s not all, folks! We’re also set to roll out a few more updates this week including –

  • Adding the ability to download a file based on a pipe response. That’s right.
  • Adding a way to Block IP addresses by CIDR blocks. Whoaa. :x:

:robot: :speech_balloon: We’re also working on some very exciting AI initiatives to help you build your apps more quickly. Our first order of business is to introduce you all to Iris, Tadabase’s new AI-powered chatbot. Iris has been trained on the Tadabase Help Center in order to provide fast and efficient help as you need it. She’s geared up and ready to be your very own build partner.

Need help writing an equation field? Ask Iris. Need a suggestion for what fields or data tables to create? Ask Iris.

:eyes: See it to believe it. Here’s a sneak peak:

:flashlight: This week, we’re shining a spotlight on Connected Value Filtering. Watch the video where Tim demonstrates how to use this awesome new feature here!


:school_satchel: We’re throwing back to a Build it with Tim episode this week! In this episode, Tim teaches us how to use password protected editing using validation rules in a form component. This tool will help keep your apps integrity safe and secure where only specific users can edit certain fields.

:scissors: Snippet of the Week:

:pause_button: Sometimes, we all just need to press the pause button - and your app is no different! Use the Pause a Redirect of the Form snippet for this exact purpose. In the example below, a user wanted to pause the redirect while a Make (formerly Integromat) scenario ran. Read more and snip the code here!

2020-06-16_18-41-39 (1)

Alright Tadabasers, that’s a wrap on this one. Happy building and see you next week! :soon:


Thanks @Adi your updates are always amazing for our community!

I just wanted to chime in here and talk about Iris a bit. Iris is already very capable at referencing the Tadabase Help Center but we’re going to continue to improve the experience through various forms of prompt engineering and a general reformat/restructure of our Help Center; specifically by adding more procedural instructions for all things Tadabase.

Here’s an example after a recent update to Iris’s prompts that allows the bot to converse with a user who is looking for help with their app.

You can see it took a little bit of prying from the user to get more detailed responses but in the end, the responses that were given were direct and correct. This is actually super important when designing Iris as, if you’ve ever used ChatGPT before, AI models are really good at giving convincing but completely wrong information. This issue is referred to as hallucinating and reducing hallucinations is something we made a primary focus from the start.

We hope you all enjoy using Iris to get quick help for whatever you’re working on, and as AI models continue to improve, so will Iris :smile: