Tuesdays with Tadabase - May 7th 2024

:ping_pong: :badminton: May’s in full swing and our team is dancing along! Let’s check out what we’ve been up to: :man_dancing:

:toolbox: Our engineers have-

:magic_wand: Launching magic links! This incredible new feature will revolutionize your app experience. Watch the video below to learn more about what this feature can do for you.

:video_camera: Enabling and Creating Magic Links- here’s a quick video on how to enable this feature in your app:

Getting Started with Magic Links - Watch Video

:zap: Sending a Magic Link with Action Links–In this example of how to use Magic Links, we’ll use an Action Link to send a Magic Link to a user, and redirect them to a specific Detail Page.

Send Magic Links with Action Links - Watch Video

:woman_technologist: Enabling and Configuring Magic Links in a Login Component

In this video, learn how to enable and configure MagicLinks in a login component.

By default, users see a form with an email address and password input on the login page. However, we can change it to a magic link form.

This video will guide you through the steps to make this change and demonstrate how to edit the magic link form and customize the email template.


This rad feature will be live very soon for all users. :rocket:

:bug: We’ve fixed some bugs including:

  • Issue with Get record via API - dynamic field outputs a random number (DEV-6780)
  • Issue with delete links in Custom Component (DEV-7003)

For a full list of bug fixes, see our Release Notes.

:jigsaw: Plugin of the week:

Dynamic Page Scroll Button- Add a customizable scroll button that dynamically scrolls the page to the top or bottom of the page.

:end: That’s a wrap on this one, Tadabasers. Happy building and see you next week! :star2:


Hey there! I’m not seeing the video for Enabling and Configuring Magic Links in a Login Component. Can you paste a link?

Now I’m seeing a link, but it doesn’t work. :frowning:

Hey Kait, somehow the video got deleted from our workspace :person_shrugging:

I have to record it again and we’ll have it posted. In the meantime, here’s some text instructions to help.

Key Steps:

  1. Open the default login page for editing.

  2. Locate the login component on the page and click on it to edit.

  3. By default, the login component will display a form with email address and password inputs.

  4. Navigate to the options tab at the top of the page.

  5. Under the default form section, change the form from “login” to “magic link”.

  6. Go back to the forms tab and find the “magic link form” on the left-hand side of the screen.

  7. Edit the magic link form as desired.

  8. Customize the email template for the magic link by clicking on the “email template” tab at the top of the page.

  9. Define the subject and content of the email that will be sent to users when they click on the magic link.

  10. Note that the redirect rules configured for your Magic Link settings will be followed, and login redirect rules inside the login component will be ignored.

  11. Once all configurations are complete, update and save the changes.

  12. Preview the login page to test the Magic Link functionality.

  13. Enter the user’s email address and click on the “send magic link” button.

  14. The user will receive an email with the magic link.

  15. Instruct the user to click on the link inside the email to automatically log in to the application.

Magic Link redirect rules will take priority over Login Redirect Rules.

Tips for Efficiency:

  • Familiarize yourself with the login component and its options before making any changes.

  • Clearly communicate the process to users when instructing them to click on the magic link in the email.

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Perfect - thanks so much!