Tuesdays with Tadabase - Nov. 29th 2022

While November may be ebbing away, our team isn’t going anywhere and has pulled out all the stops this week :muscle:. Here’s the exclusive:

:wrench: In addition to adding new pipes, our wonderful engineers have been adding many helpful resources and informative videos, so our users can easily wield the full power of our pipes. This week they have:

1669342348-Google-Drive-Upload-a-File-gif3 (1)

1669343956-Twitter-Upload-a-Tweet-with-Image-gif (2)

:mag: Looking to show certain components based on which step on a form is selected? Chem created a great video response to explain this. Watch the video and snip the code. Yay!

:scissors: Snippet of the week:

Scissors ready? Here’s the snippet for Link highlighting without underline. Check it out!

:bug: We’ve also squashed a few bugs this week, see which ones here.

No Build it with Tim? Have no fear! He merely took a week off for the holiday celebrations and will be back next time!

:crystal_ball: Coming soon (in active dev):

Behind the curtain, we’ve been pushing to complete our onboarding templates which should be unveiled very soon. We’re also working on:

  • Design themes for PDFs and Charts (which are looking great so far!) :sunglasses:

  • Ability to add multiple series into a single bar, line and area charts

  • Fixes in PDFs with some new functionality :sparkles:

  • Several AWS pipes, with ability to upload files to S3 from a pipe (and much more).

:wave: Au Revoir on this one, folks. Happy building and see you next week!