Tuesdays with Tadabase - Oct. 25th 2022

Another week, (you guessed it) another update from the team.

We’re thrilled to announce that our newly coined Goalmap is now live :dart:. Tim wrote a fantastic post all about why we chose this new method to display and interact with our users on our goals (hint: it includes our favorite word- Automation :magic_wand:). Read all about it here.

This week on Build it with Tim, Tim teaches how to send email notifications from your Tadabase application. This nifty feature can be integrated in a multitude of ways. In this episode, Tim demonstrates a few of these ways so you can choose the right one for your app. Take a look! :school_satchel:

Our “plumber” (Shira) has added step-by-step instructions on the different methods by which users can add their own pipes. Check it out here. Yay! :wrench:

We’ve mentioned in previous posts that our team is compiling snippets of code from our community for all our users’ convenience. To highlight this further, we’ll be including a snippet of the week in this update moving forward. So, without further ado–

Snippet of the week: How to Hide Component Based on “No Records” in Table. Snip Snip, Hooray! :scissors:

Coming Soon:

Easier domain management with built in SSL and CNAME verification.

Ability to group filter tabs into a dropdown for a cleaner, more uniform look.

We’re excited to share that we’ve begun working on a Chrome extension for complex pipes- pipes with complex configurations. This Chrome extension will replace having to write code for advanced pipes and instead turns it into a no-code interface (GUI). This will hopefully save our users lots of time and headache involved with writing code. #IYKYK :jigsaw:

Later, Tadabasers. See you next week! :tada: