Tuesdays With Tadabase- Oct. 4th 2022

Hi Tadabasers, we’re here, as promised, with our quasi-weekly update!

Our team has been working hard (not hardly working, you can rest assured) to continue improving and innovating our platform.

To assist with this, we’ve recently on-boarded Esther, who is working on Sara’s team with product development. Sara, Esther and Shira, our powerhouse trio turned plumbers, have been working tirelessly on our Pipes - our plumbing of the web. In the past week they have:

  • Added the Create an Event- Quick Add Api call to the Google Calendar pipe. This addition allows you to create a Google Calendar event using natural language text. For example: “Team Meeting at 3:30 PM on January 1, 2023”

  • Published the Letter Stream Pipe - This creates and authorizes Letter Stream jobs from your Tadabase app. Read more about this pipe here.

  • Fixed the Google Domains Pipe so that it is now working with hyphenated domains. Yipee!

  • Published the Tadabase Record Looper (Legacy) pipe which allows you to create multiple identical records.

  • For the PDF forms:

    • Fixed: decimal places, image formats, inconsistent format in builder and download, date format, and the date and time elements default setting.
    • New: Option to make the text bold.

Tim, who by now needs no introduction, has brought us another Build it With Tim video. This time on: Creating an Admin and Staff Signup Workflow. While a bit lengthier than his previous videos, it is packed with many helpful nuggets and well worth the watch. You can also read his post about Building complex workflows during User Signup on our blog.

Tim has also returned to the screen in a Feature Spotlight video titled View Pages in Popup. This feature allows you to add the ability within a menu item to open particular pages as a modal pop-up. In just 1 minute and 18 seconds (to be exact), you too can have this feature on your app. What are you waiting for?

We’ve also given our Docs portal a face-lift. We’re still working on it, but go ahead and check it out here.

That’s all for now, folks. Happy building and see you next week!

-The Tadabase Team