Tuesdays with Tadabase on a Thursday - April 25th 2024

:tulip: :umbrella: April is closing out but our team is rushing in bringing you this update. Let’s dive in!

:toolbox: Our engineers have:

:bug: Fixed some pesky bugs including:

  • Fixed bug with Created At - date/time updates when record is edited (DEV-6705)
  • Fixed bug with Insert Connected Record does not save connection field correctly(DEV-4758)
  • Fixed bug with Setting date / time from a connected date / time returns current date / time when connected value is blank (DEV-6986)
  • Fixed bug with downloading files from Builder
  • Bug with Webhook catcher giving errors with large webhooks

For a full list, see our release notes

:white_check_mark: We are working on updates to scheduled tasks which will check conditions defined prior to each record being updated.

:new: New Features Coming Very Soon:

  • Okta and Auth0 for SSO
  • Ability to set multiple email SMTP providers and define the SMTP in forms and action links.
  • Magic Links and the other user security improvements are nearly done and should be live soon! :magic_wand:

:jigsaw: Plugin of the week:
New Browser Notification plugin! Enable browser notifications to keep users informed about the latest updates and features on Tadabase. Read more here.

:end: That’s a wrap on April updates, Tadabasers. Happy building and see you in May! :sunflower: