Tuesdays with Tadabase - September 26th 2023

:maple_leaf: :jack_o_lantern: Autumn has officially arrived and while the seasons may be changing, our team is feeling as steadfast and vibrant as ever. Let’s jump and fall into this week’s update:

:toolbox: Our engineers have reached deep into the toolbox and are presenting us with:

  • Ability to add HTML blocks in the search component :mag:
  • Fixed issue with custom CSS classes not being applied in search component
  • Fixed an issue with secure files after changing S3 buckets :bucket:

:bug: We’ve also fixed some more bugs including an issue with our validation rules. For more details, see our release notes.

:bridge_at_night: DataBridge is now being tested by multiple clients and the feedback thus far has been amazing!

Many bugs and updates are still being fixed for DataBridge, but being that it’s still in active development, we haven’t begun publishing those fixes in the release notes.

We’re prioritizing implementing integrations for the following categories (to start):

  1. Accounting (QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, Freshbooks)
  2. E-Commerce (Shopify, WooCommerce, Stripe…)
  3. Helpdesk (FreshDesk, ZenDesk)
  4. Task Management (Asana, Monday, ClickUp, Trello)
  5. Human Resources (BambooHR)
  6. CRM (HubSpot, Pipedrive)
  7. Database (Airtable, Caspio, Quickbase, Knack)

:clapper: BTS, we’re working on an exciting update which will allow users to save forms in-progress to be filled out later. Suppose you’re in the middle of a long form and have answered 50 questions then accidentally refresh the page, the form will allow you to continue right where you left off. This is actively in the works and should be live in the coming weeks. As always, stay tuned :notes:.

:school_satchel: Joining the fall frolic is Tim, back with another episode of Build it with Tim! This week, we’re learning about the importance of speed of development. In this video, we learn why speed is paramount to application development and success and how Tadabase helps you achieve optimal speed, especially with the use of our Plugins! Check it out (< 6 mins!)

:jigsaw: Plugin of the week:

Consistency is key :key:, that’s why we’re bringing you this week’s plugin for Consistent Column Alignment. This enables aligning all grouped columns to be the same width. Get the details here.

:fallen_leaf: We’re leaving this update here, folks. Happy building and see you next week! :pie: