Twilio Pipe documentation

Hi there
Is there any documentation on setting up the Twilio pipe?
I want to create an automation to send a basic SMS text message to users mobile numbers. I have been able to successfully send a test message from the “test” tab within the Twilio pipe set up, but have not been able to trigger a text message in the automation.
What are the minimum settings I need to set up under API calls and parameters?

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Hi @Snappmobile

Here is an example that I have. You will need the Account ID and Authorization numbers from Twilio and the phone number the text messages are coming from.

I set this up in a task that runs every day based on a condition.

Thank you very much for sharing.
Would you be able to share a screenshot of the settings you have set up in the pipe? Or was it just simply the Account ID and Authorisation numbers under the Authorisation tab?

Sorry @Snappmobile, i missed this message. I’ll have a look tomorrow and try to remember to post it.