Twilio Whats app Messaging not working Properly

Hi, We have setup Twilio Whats app Messaging API Key and Secret, We are able to test the Twilio Whats App Message from the Pipes -> Twilio Tab.

But when we try to send whats app message from a Form Submit action or Page Rules using Pipes , we are not getting the Whatsapp Message.

Kinldy guide

I have no experience with this specifically, though we do use WhatsApp messaging linked to our website live chat app, but have you checked your Twilio dashboard (in the Programmable Messaging Logs) for any info that may help you troubleshoot this?

This is what our log looks like…

Also bear in mind WhatAapp’s restrictions in terms of the messages you can and can’t send, and the timing thereof.

This document may help Send WhatsApp Notification Messages with Templates - Twilio

I understand my reply has nothing to do with pipes, but hopefully it is of some assistance.

After some internal testing, it looks like WhatsApp responds using code 201 instead of 200.

Anytime the response is something either than 200 it must be specified in the response here: