Two-step logout necessary?

Pretty sure I must be missing something here. On my default layout I’ve placed a user menu component. When I view the app in live mode, I see a Logout button at the upper far right side of most pages. Great.


But when I click that Logout button (or link), it doesn’t log me out. Instead I see this:

Which is confusing. The words “You’re already logged in” sound to me like an appropriate response to a Login button. If I click a Logout link, I expect either to get logged out immediately, or to see an alert along the lines of “Are you sure you want to logout?”

And right next to the confusing alert, I see another Logout button. And for the record, this one actually works. If I click this logout button, I land back on the Login screen, which is fine, just what I want.

What’s going on here? I find it very hard to diagnose because, in the page builder, I don’t see anywhere a “Logout” link. The Logout link in live view is in the User Menu defined on my default layout, but that component looks like this:

Notice “Login” and “Sign Up” at the right. I understand why “Sign-Up” doesn’t appear on my live page. That’s because in the edit options for the User Menu, “Show Registration Link” is diabled. But I don’t see how Tadabase knows to turn “Login” (visible in the layout builder) into Logout (seen on the live app). I tried switching Preview Builder off. I see a few more options there, but nothing that explains this little mystery.

Is this just a bit of construction dust from the ongoing redesign of the builder? Anybody able to throw me a clue, I’ll be grateful. :slight_smile:


HI William, I agree with you some parts of this are quite confusing to say the least.

When pressing the logout button it should not be showing you “You’re already logged in.” I tried replicating this on my end with no luck. If that’s still happening would you mind opening a support ticket with our team so we can investigate. We’ll need your app details and perhaps a sample login credentials we can use for testing.

Here’s some things to keep in mind.

  1. You can edit the menu to redirect users after they logout.

  2. We’ve made big updates to the login component so you can customize this message to your liking. Check out this update here for more info on that:

  3. The User Menu component is nothing special and you can easily add the same menu behavior in any regular menu component. You can add your own Logout button too, but obviously we won’t show that if the user is not logged in. Here’s a link to more details about this.

One final note, is the preview mode in the builder is not really an exact reflection of reality, its more of a way to give you an idea. In the future one day we’ll make it live and dynamic, but that won’t be for a while.