Uniformity of functions

It is quite frustrating to do trivial operations and find missing functions.
I would like the same function to be present everywhere.

Here is the display of a field in a table list, the possibility of comparison on the user is missing.


Hi @DanioA-

Field options are specific to the type of field that they are being applied too. Thus, if the field doesn’t isn’t linked to the Profile of the user they would not have those options of being “is logged in user” or “is not logged in user”.

Hope this helps,

Adam Thanks,
but it is a user field.

The function is missing, not the field :slight_smile:

Hi @DanioA,

This is an excellent point and something we’re working quite hard at to achieve. We’re currently doing a big UI overhaul, as well as optimizing various parts of our Builder. We plan to address these types of issues during those updates.


It’s good to know this, Tim,
I hope very much.
Do you also add Tabs ? :blush: :innocent:

We don’t plan on adding tabs as a native feature, but we will double-down on the custom component which will make it easier and quicker to add tabs.

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