Universal Search Query / Search Bar (Ability to query and retrieve record details page)

Can we get a Universal Search Query component that gives the ability to search and retrieve a specific record details page from multiple tables. For example, if I have a Company table with company records; Contact table with contact records; and so forth. Another example, a Schools table with school records; Teachers table with teacher records and Students table with student records.

The search should offer the ability to search for record detail pages from multiple tables. So in this example, have the ability to query for a company or contact from the same search bar; or as in the case of the latter example, be able to query and retrieve the record details page of the School, Teacher or Student.

This component would also be useful in the Default Menu as a Search Bar.


I would support this functionality

Definitely support this functionality

I would completely support this also!

This is a neat idea but in reality can never be achieved on our platform.It’s beyong this post as to why, but hopefull you’ll take my word for it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would guess you can accomplish something similar using 2 search components.

Component1 searches Teachers and component2 searches students.

Then with some JS we listen for keyup events and copy that value over to component2 search field. Finally we listen for click event on the search button and apply the same search in the second component. (Just hide the second search and you almost have your functionality.)

The data will be displayed in different tables, but you can fool the search to look like a single search field.

This would require some JS to listen for other changes like the Enter key and would take a bit to get it perfect.

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Hi Moe

I have mocked up a search field on my top navigation bar using a simple search input field and button. I want to have the data searched in this input field to search a specific data table. I need some help getting this to work.

I would like to incorporate the concept of using JS when using more than 1 search component, as mentioned by Moe. Do you or anyone else happen to have JS to share to do this? A lot of users would really like to have a solution for this I assume. This would include hiding all other search components except for 1.

Hi, did you find a solution to this question please?

I never did. Unfortunately.