"Upcoming courses" .....Any time line in mind for these

Upcoming courses …Any time line in mind for these

Are there any materials that explain how to get started with the API

I know you have the API calls well documented - thanks for that.

Its the bit before that … conceptually and one or two uses cases.

e.g. At the moment I am building a APP that scans a barcode (printed from TD) - when scanned it updates the order record to indicate that it has been received. I used a bit of a front end hack to get the working using JS that triggers an action link.

I suspect there is a more robust way to do this using the TD API.

However I have no real idea how to approach this.

Any pointers appreciated tks Noel


Hi Noel,

Not a direct response to your question about the courses but if you need a few pointers on using either the Tadabase API (using the API from outside of TB) or using the built in Pipes to access the API let me know.

I’d start by installing the custom JAvascript pipe as it has some sample code in it.

You can trigger PIpes in numerous places but I do 90% of mine from within Database Record Rules.

I select the pipe I’ve installed, pass the parameters to the pipe and then collect the pipe response and store int in a field.

If you have a specific example let me know


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Yes that definitely makes more sense …Tim did a short video for me … think I might have grasped it :grinning:
tks again for the feedback

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