Update connected records - How to filter which connetced records to update

I have an action button which updates connected records, however we only want those connected records to be updated which meet certain criteria.

I can not an option in action rules to filter which connected records get updated.

Have you tried automated tasks to update the record? And switch the action to something where to re-generate the results based on different/ updated records ?

Do you mean record rules @slimpens?

I guess i could do this unless someone has a more simple solution

  • In record rules for the product (connected records to cases) add a new field called Won Date
  • In the cases action link - update the products field won date with todays date which would cause an edit to the products table
  • Back in the products table record rules, create a rule to update a field value that meets filter criteria which would be something like Won Date = today & Field1 = required value & field2 = required value