Update Select Field based on form

I have a table called “units” that includes field “unit status”, which is a single-select field allowing user to select “available, interest, leased”.
I’d like to update this field based on other activity. For example, if a unit is shown to a perspective, when that “leasing activity” record is created, the “unit status” should change to “interest”. I’ve connected the tables, but cannot figure out how to use rules to update the status correctly. Any ideas?

I’m not 100% clear what your trying to do here. But it sounds like if you set the status if the connected “unit” record when you create the leasing activity record that’ll do

@enjay, can you show your table structure and provide more details about your point? I might be able to help.

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I’m not sure what you mean by “table structure”. Does this help?

Did you figure this out - happy to get on a quick call if you still need help.
However you’re creating the leasing activity record form/action button - there’s where you need to set a rule to update the connected “unit” record and set its status