Update to Complex Equations?

For the longest time I have wished that Complex Equations could access fields in connected tables. But they never could - and I had to make a text/formula field just to bring in a connected field into the table for Complex Equations to be able to use.
But … today … seemingly unannounced I can connected fields available when adding fields in Complex Equations. I got excited, but I cant seem to get them to work. I’m not sure if its a new feature or an error.

I just ran into this same thing today. I was very excited but then the function equation was not validating.

@tim.young and @moe is this something that is being released or it is a bug and we should not be seeing the connected fields?

It is unfortunately not intended :pensive:

BUT stay tuned to our updates page as we are experimenting with some new functionality for connected fields.

Crazy fast response. Thanks for the info.