Update to Record Utilities pipe

Hi there

This may be a little out there, but a suggestion for the record utilities Pipe.

On import child records it would be great if we had the ability to copy the records to a different table, using parameters to map the old fields to the new ones, (giving the ability to copy the fields you want, and being able update other fields with different information)


This is likely possible, but its then not really copying, rather creating new records. The main difference being that we need to get each record and simply insert it into the other table with new field names.

Can you share an example of why this can be useful? I’ll look into this some more. I’m worried this is such a one off that it would be very hard to just manage the parameters. We’d need to map each field plus the connection field in the source and destination fields.

Hi Moe,

Sure, ill put an example below.

Lets say I’m a manufacturer that creates products using items i have in stock. I have Product, supplies, ingredients and order tables. The supplies are the items i have in stock, the ingredients is a table is a child of the product table showing a list of what stock items and quantity of them i need from my supplies table to create a product item.

Now lets say i put in an order from for x products (or an internal order to make x products)

In this scenario i could copy all the records in the ingredients table associated with that product along with the supplies connection field and the quantity required to make 1 of that product, into the order ingredients table (as a child of the order)

The newly created records now have access via the records they are connected to lots of information that is useful when combined. from the original table, the amount of that stock item required to make the product, from the order table it is now connected to, the number of products being ordered. We can now times those numbers together in an formula/equation to give us the total number of stock items required to fulfil the order. we can also pull in the amount currently in stock via the connected supplies join field and add another equation to give us the amount of stock that will be left when the order is fulfilled.

From there it wouldn’t be to difficult to update the supplies table with this “amount left in stock” via a commit order action button.

Hopefully that makes sense, i included a very rough diagram to help explain.

Let me know if you’d like any further explanation as i appreciate the above might be a little convoluted, but this would open up the possibilities for doing more supply chain management and manufacturing based system automations :slight_smile:

By the way just to let you know we found a workaround that will suit us for the time being in case you wish to share it with other people

We decided to combine the product and the order table into a single table (in the page builder this uses form rules to set certain things to products category and others to orders.

This way when we create an order we can use the import child pipe to add the ingredients to the order as new items. it’s not ideal but works for now :slight_smile: