Updating One to Many Connections - storing records ids in CSV format

I need to store a list of record IDs in csv format every time I update a record(s) with a specific status. I will be using action links that will update the status of a record. When a specific status is set, that record should then be linked to a one to many connection. As records are updated, the linked records could grow or be removed from the one to many connection field.

I intend to then run a Tadabase API to take this csv stored in a text field and update a one to manny connection field. I assume that I can’t append csv values to a text field so how can I generate a list of records IDs in CSV?

The goal is to link certain records to a one to many connection field that I can then use when running an action link that will updated connected records. Its a way to allow my customers to update records in bulk, since they will run an action link for their company in my multi-tenant app that will update connected records for their linked company.

@moe Moe, this is one I really struggle with and is a barrier to me being able to use Tadabases one to many connection fields. I would rather not have to use Integromat.