Updating One to Many Connections - storing records ids in CSV format

I need to store a list of record IDs in csv format every time I update a record(s) with a specific status. I will be using action links that will update the status of a record. When a specific status is set, that record should then be linked to a one to many connection. As records are updated, the linked records could grow or be removed from the one to many connection field.

I intend to then run a Tadabase API to take this csv stored in a text field and update a one to manny connection field. I assume that I can’t append csv values to a text field so how can I generate a list of records IDs in CSV?

The goal is to link certain records to a one to many connection field that I can then use when running an action link that will updated connected records. Its a way to allow my customers to update records in bulk, since they will run an action link for their company in my multi-tenant app that will update connected records for their linked company.

@moe Moe, this is one I really struggle with and is a barrier to me being able to use Tadabases one to many connection fields. I would rather not have to use Integromat.

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I’ve hit this problem again. I have an action button and would like it to ‘append’ a connection but sadly, ‘append’ is not an option. So the action will simply replace the existing connections with the new one coming from the action.

Its a real barrier.

But I just found the ‘Plucker’ Pipe that was made and updated quickly - and it allows connections to be appended at last.

Under the Plucker pipe, I only see All Values and values ot add. How have you configured your pipe to add to a one to many? @Chem

The way I have made this work is to select the “Add a Single Value to the Connection Field”, then select the “All Values” parameter and link this to your connection field (the field you want to add to).
Then select the “Value to Add” parameter and link this to wherever you are picking up the value for the new Connection you want to add.

Then in ‘Set Values’ section of the Pipe, select the connection field you are updating. Link this to the Pipe Response, of “New Values”.

Do this and you’ll have added a new connection to an existing list of connections.

BUT note… this pipe will not work IF there is no existing connections. So I have added a condition to check that the connection field is not blank, before this pipe will run.

IF there is no existing connection you can simply set the connection to equal whatever connection value you have. I have set up my action to check for existing connections, and do this if there is none present, and to use Plucker if there is.

Hey @centellix, here’s an example of how you can use the Connection Field Plucker Pipe to add a new value to a one-to-many.