Updating Parent Record

Hi, let’s imagine a parent table with 1 parent record, linked to 3 child records. Each child record is connected to another table, let’s say using field1 in the third table. So each child record has different values of recordID of field1 but the update takes place in different times, so at first none has value, we update 1 child, the others two remain with no field1 value. In the end, the 3 got the field1 value. Any idea how to update the parent record for each time we update the field1 value without losing the previous data? I tried using a child record edit form and record rules applied to connected values of the parent record, but each time I update overwrites the id of the field1 value.

@Aprada any chance you have a diagram of what youre trying to achieve?

Even better, create a very basic app with this scenario and explain what you’re trying to do within that app. Id be happy to assist.

I agree with @moe…if you can provide some visuals it would help.

With that said, it sounds like you may be connecting FROM the parent to the child. If so, it doesn’t seem to be correct. The connections should be FROM the child to the parent. As field 1 in each child table is updated, the parent is automatically updated as well since it’s the connection field.

Thanks to both of you. My mistake is I didn’t explain the complete picture. The parent table includes a one-to-many connection field to a third table. The idea was to copy the elements of this connected field as a template to create as many child records as the field length.