Uploading LARGE files + iframes

Does anyone know if it is possible to upload large files when using the Dropbox or s3 storage options? The file sizes we typically work with range from 5MB to 2GBs+. Most of the time in 25MB to 600MB range. We want our customers and team to upload the art right to the order rather than submitting it a different way.

I have played around with using an iframe or object to show an upload form hosted elsewhere but wanted to know if I can do it natively.

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Do you have any solution to upload files beyond the 10 MB limit? We are using S3, and sometimes we upload files up to 30-50 MB (max).

Are you using S3 integrated into Tadabase? That allows you to do bigger than 10 MB? I have not tried S3 or Dropbox integrations yet.

At this point and for just getting something working to start with I ended up embedding an upload page from other software of ours which allows us to upload any size.

I can upload up to 30 MB files. Bigger size does not work and comes with an error message. No idea what it means.

This is also a need that I have. Any update on it? I need to be able to upload files larger than 20MB when using S3.