Uploading multiple files in attachment field by api requests

I am using python script to upload large amount of records. But can’t figure out how to upload multiple files in attachments field at once. I have tried to add multiple files in using API end point but it does not work. It only uploads last file

Can any one have idea how to upload multiple file through API end point “Tadabase API


I was testing this in Webhooks recently and was advised it isn’t supported yet with the new Attachments field. I was just looking to chase it up actually ::smiley:



Hi All,

Any Update on this functionality?



I’m having the same issue :confused: Have you found any workarounds?

Looking for this as well.

@abridges @Dan I found a workaround doing this:

I’m using 2 tables:

Parent Table: Apartments
Child Table: Photos

  1. Inside a TadaBase, I use a Form component to create a new record in the Parent Table (Apartments), and trigger an API call to get the image files when the form is submitted.

  2. I send a parameter in the API call that includes the Record ID that I just created in the Parent Table.

  3. When the API responds, it triggers a Webhook that I created and is watching records on Make.com.

  4. Iterate the photos on Make

  5. Create one photo per record in the Child Table (Photos), and assign it to the Parent Table using the Record ID parameter I sent on step 2.

Does that make sense?

Hi Rez,

It does, and will do the job but will become cumbersome with multiple attachment fields and/or tables over time so I hope the team update the Tadabase Framework for the new Attachments Field so it can replace the old one fully.



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Hi Tadabase,

Any update on this with the Webhooks and th new Attachment field?